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6 Secrets for a Successful eCommerce Website Design in 2022

We live in a world where online existence is everything and without it, our existence doesn’t mean anything. Often, people regard the one without having digital existence as dull and dead. This saying grows with every passing day as the online world is continuously dominating our world. For example, the online marketplace is dominating the shopping world and bringing new ways in trends.

For businesses that are traditionally operating in the retail world, it is nothing less than missing out on a huge chunk of customers and audience by not elevating your operations and unlocking your true potential by going digital.

So, this leads us to the question of what the eCommerce website design is? Why does it matter so much? Or what would be a probable loss if not paid attention to it?

Creating an online store to scale your business in the digital landscape is what allows you to target your exact shoppers, and this is where eCommerce website design plays a high role. In order to do this, the first and foremost part is to have a plan. In this plan, you will visualize and conceptualize your products or services while arranging them in an effective design manner to display on the internet.

According to Statista, global retail eCommerce sales around the world have surpassed $4.9 trillion. From big to small eCommerce retailers, every online retailer has seen double or triple their digital growth compared to the year before in the last few years.

6 Secrets of a Successful eCommerce - Website Design

Now that we have delved deeper into the eCommerce website and its probable benefits. It is time to unveil the secrets of having a successful eCommerce website design with these six secret tips.

1. Simplicity is Still the Key

One of the great and top-notch elements of building a great eCommerce website design is to have a simple touch intact without a doubt. The simpler your website will be, the better and more powerful impression it sets on the audience and users. Now, this clearly doesn’t mean to have a colorful scheme combined with banner ads display, etc., but not to have tons of whistles and bells on your eCommerce website – as all they do is to distraction and nothing more or less. Thus, keeping your design clean, simple, and clear will help you focus on the sales and recurring customers.

2. Leverage the Color Usage

When we speak and think of website color for our eCommerce platform, be mindful that that color remains extremely powerful, too, irrespective of all the others. The psychology behind the use of colors is to your advantage and can reflect your ideology and purpose for having such a fine digital representation. The use of different feelings, emotions, and actions is all a clear exhibition of your design intention for your platform.

3. Branding is an Integral Element

The main element of concern that a lot of shoppers have when they decide to go online for shopping is how reputed the brand is. This is where your branding element needs to be spot on in order to gain customers’ trust. Once this trust is achieved, there is no going back, and the customer would blindly go with adding more into the carts.

So, now you must be thinking about what needs to be done to bring your A-Game into your online store’s branding. Remember that your branding is like the DNA of your business, and this must be creative, unique, and compelling so that a customer wouldn’t hesitate to buy or share their credit card information.

4. Use of Quality Images

When we talk about the digital landscape, it is inevitable to go forward without the use of high-scale images. It is indeed correct the images certainly increase conversions by more than 40%, particularly when it comes to eCommerce platforms.

Imagine yourself as a buyer. Would you buy anything online without seeing a picture of it – the one that can be zoomed and specify the product’s overall look? So, when you aren’t making a purchase of any product that you haven’t seen prior to purchase. How can you imagine the other person doing the same for you?

Hence, getting professional images of all your products shows and binds the connection that goes a long way in building confidence and trust in your customers. However, lacking the images on your eCommerce platform would do nothing but make you miserably lose your potential customers.

5. Social Validation is a Must

Another impeccable and must-have feature in your eCommerce website design is social proof. When you are designing your eCommerce website, it is pivotal to integrate all the proofs regarding what your customers think about you. This feedback, testimonials, or reviews would certainly be a game-changer for you and help in soaring your ratings. For this, you can add a rating section where people can rate your products, and new visitors or shoppers can clearly understand the quality you deliver and the commitment you stand by. Furthermore, you can also go above and beyond by adding customers’ pictures along with the product, which certainly leaves a subtle impact on the new potential customers.

6. Make Navigation Easy

Adding easy navigation options to the website is certainly a total winner for you. If a potential customer visits your website and can’t easily navigate to the desired search, they may eventually close down the website and shift to a competitor’s website. This is a killing factor that must be addressed and dealt with solutions before it is too late.

So, for an excellent eCommerce web platform, your design must have easy navigation so that you don’t lose the potential customers to increase your sales. The filter game needs to be spot-on, and everything needs to be spot on from the color, size, product category, type, price range, or industry.

The Final Words

It is certainly understandable that designing an eCommerce website is a tricky process, but knowing the right process, strategies, and methods would help you bring your A-Game into the design concept. This will also help in huge conversions. If you are also planning on getting the website design from the industry professionals, VCode is here to help and offer the right solutions you need for elevating your eCommerce website design. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the professional team and take matters to the whole next level.