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How To Use Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Brand?

Brand options are increasing with time, consumers are getting more confused in making a purchasing decision, losing trust on which product to opt for. With digital marketing on the rise, customers are more motivated by social media influencers for buying decisions.  According to business insider report of 2019, estimates show that businesses will invest up to $15 billion by 2022 as compared to $8 billion in 2019.

It is their genuineness and honesty, which persuade their followers to buy a specific product. A recent study on the effects of influencer marketing on consumers shows that eight out of ten consumers purchased the product after the recommendation by an influencer.

Let us discuss a few tips and techniques on how to promote your brand with social media influencers.

6 Steps Guide on Effectively Using Social Media Influencers for Brand Promotion

#1: Find the Right Fit

With every passing day, social media power is increasing. Its horizon has expanded broadly. There are numbers of niches and sub-niches, existing today, which businesses can target to promote their brands. Every niche has its handful of influencers. Selecting the right candidate to promote your brand is quite challenging. You can find the right fit for your brand promotion by researching influencer’s relevancy and their impact.

You need to appraise the content of the influencer and find out whether they resonate with your product’s features. Identify the niche of your brand and influencer, and match them to have the most exceptional outcome for your promotion. You cannot solely rely on ‘how many followers do he/she has’, to select the influencer to promote your brand. Remember, it is always about the influence, not numbers.

Sportswear brand will get required customer engagement, if it is promoted by a fashion influencer with 10k followers, rather than a travel blogger who has 100k followers.

#2: Investigate your Influencer

After finding the right fit, investigate their social media activities. You must ensure that their audience is similar to your target. Check authenticity. Check influencer’s past brand promotions. Check how the audience responded and acknowledged. It is crucial not to receive any negative impressions about your advertising. So it is essential to check their past marketing work for the authenticity and the achieved results.

Analyze the frequency of influencers’ quality content which kept their audience engaged. Analyze their traffic rate on influencer’s channel or page. When they regularly come up with creative content, audience visits their page or channel more often, even bookmarking them as well. For example, on YouTube, you not only subscribe to YouTuber’s channel but also press the bell icon for notification of new content.

#3: Inspire Social Media Influencers

Influencers did not gather followers overnight; it happened because they identified their audience, kept them engaged, connected with them with quality content over time.

Brands, when using them, must acknowledge this fact and must inspire the influencer by letting them use their creativity. They know the expectations of their audience and know how to promote your brand to their audience. Associate your brand with your influencers. Ask them to attend your promotional events, so people, when seeing their influencer at your events, will believe in your brand more.

#4: Instagram is the Goldmine

With 1 billion+ users and 500K active users every day, Instagram is the goldmine for brands, through social media influencer marketing.

#5: Compensate your influencers wisely

Who does not love money with their work? A study shows that 70% of the influencers choose per post compensation over paid ads on their videos or blog. According to a survey conducted by GroupHigh, 68% of the influencers indicated that compensation is the factor that attracts them to promote any brand. Big brands have enough budgets to compensate for their influencers. Low budget or small companies can pay the influencers for their work by offering them giveaways or discounts on products. In return, influencers use it to attract followers to buy your product.

There are some ways that companies might opt for to pursue influencer for promoting their brands. You can invite them to brand promotional events. Give them exclusive deals on products. Send them on trips to travel destinations. Travel companies frequently send their social media influencers on trips, to compensate for their work.

#6: Track your influencer marketing campaign

It is necessary to track your influencer marketing campaign, to set up your next promotion. You can follow the engagement rate by seeing how many times it was shared, how many likes your posts got and what reactions you got on your posts. The number of comments on your influencers’ posts, also give you an idea about how your campaign is progressing. Check the number of followers you got once you ran your campaign. Did your campaign bring new followers? Did your influencers were successful in driving traffic towards your brand?

If all of your questions showed positive signs, then it means your strategy of influencer marketing is on the right track, and you should work with your current influencers again. There are various tool and techniques to monitor the influencer marketing campaign. Companies can use those parameters which suit their strategy. Big Companies might be interested in generating brand awareness from their campaign while small companies would be interested in creating direct sales leads.


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