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NFTs & Metaverse for Brands – How VCode Empowers You in 2022

Technological advancements are taking over our world by storm. New technologies are readily emerging and creating new opportunities for businesses and brands. The Metaverse and NFTs are making their leap into reality. The digital marketers and brand owners have the stupendous advantage of bringing their A-Game by leveraging these innovations.

Although criticism on NFTs and platforms would offer are beyond mere imagination. , the popularity and potential that these platforms provide are hard to ignore. As for the branding perspective, the massive potential for businesses to build a community and scale on their sales is enormous.

The leading brands of the 21st century are using Metaverse and NFTs to advance into modern digitalization. Disney, Hyundai, Kia, Louis Vuitton, Charli Cohen & Selfridges, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, and Wrangler are, to name a few, brands harnessing the incredible power of Metaverse. On the other hand, the NFT game is strong too. Brands like Taco Bell, Clinique, ASICS, McDonald’s, Ray-Ban, Original Penguin, and Gucci are some other prominent names leading the marketing initiatives for maximizing their revenue streams.

The mistakes in the past left many brands in regrets. And for brands, it is significant to rush and dive into Metaverse and NFTs by not repeating the past mistakes by sitting on the sidelines. Digital businesses are fast-moving into the recent emerging innovations in digital technologies – only to lift their processes and unlock their true potential.

Understanding Meta Marketing in 2022

Let’s understand the important terms involved in Meta marketing.


The enablement of the Metaverse in the 21st century has opened gateways to tons of new opportunities. It is a virtual reality construct intended to supplant the internet and merge virtual reality with real-life things. The primary intent is to create endless playgrounds for people to benefit and explore the world in a new way.

It is a concept of persistent and online virtual space that focuses on the future iteration of the internet. It will enable enormous opportunities for people to work, meet, socialize, and game together in 3D spaces. In the future, it will undoubtedly gain huge opportunities and be a platform to be for businesses to scale their sales and maximize their revenues.


NFTs are a non-fungible token that means that a person has an intangible digital asset in images, video, or gaming items. The ownership of these virtual assets comes with a certification that rapidly influences the Metaverse’s growth.

Shedding more light on the non-fungible tokens, they are the digital creations that are almost infinite in supply. The art, GIFs, videos and sports highlights, collectibles, designer sneakers, music, virtual avatars, and video game skins are all types of NFTs.

How VCode Helps Brands Harness the Power of Metaverse & NFTs

The world has seen incredible highs of elevated digital marketing. The advent and popularity of augmented reality and virtual reality have demonstrated our world with incredible areas that can be used to uplift marketing endeavors. And when we talk about this, Metaverse and NFTs are sure to hit the mind.

Today’s brands are building virtual showrooms or Vstores, to be precise. The initiative was taken to introduce their products and services to the customers in a highly digitally-enabled way. This offers customers to take tours of their stores and get to learn about the products or services appropriately. Be it from cars, jewelry, or any other digital asset – the 3D drawings of these products give an incredible boost to your digital business.

Moreover, the virtual try-on mode also enables the customers to tap into augmented reality. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, you can allow your customers to try the products in the virtual world that elevates the experience. Furthermore, if you run a real estate business, offering virtual tours of properties will also enable the experience.

With this being said, here are a few ways with which VCode – the leading design, branding, and development agency in Dubai is helping the brands to elevate their experience.

1. Pixel-Perfect Designing

Selling digital products in virtual reality is an exceptional revenue opportunity for businesses. Brands like Nike, Gucci, Dior, Luis Vuitton, etc., offer spectacular experiences to their customers. These brands allow incredible personalization with avatars trying various products like shoes, hats, handbags, sunglasses, shirts, pants, etc. the integration of different seasons, moods, and locations also gives a 5-star experience to personalization.

Here, VCode offers a pixel-perfect design strategy for brands to unlock their true potential. Our design and branding agency in Dubai directly works with businesses to uplift their digital strategy. Moreover, our services ensure that the traditional obstacles don’t come in the way and brands get what they truly desire.

2. Ensure Meta Branding

Just like the traditional marketing practices have proven returns on investments, the branding in Metaverse is not any different. However, it demands more competitiveness and unique elements from a design and branding perspective to ensure results. And this is what VCode pledges to deliver.

For example, we can understand the Meta branding concept from Nike and Louis Vuitton. Both brands leveraged Metaverse and NFTs to take a profound digital leap. Nike has used 3D technology to allow its customers to design their products – offering complete customization. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton developed a video game to cater to the young audience by providing branding and luxury NFT collectibles.

3. Promising Innovation

VCode is the leading branding company in Dubai, UAE, with decade-long expertise and knowledge in innovative design strategy, ensuring growth to brands by integrating them with Metaverse and NFTs.

We provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to get along with the new normal, i.e., Metaverse and NFTs. We offer your brand to deliver an exceptional user experience to your customers through design and developing the perfect virtual existence.

4. Offering Interactive 3D Design

The CEO and co-founder of Metaverse, Alan Smithson, said in an interview that adding interactive 3D structuring and pixel-perfect design to your website is a massive upgrade. This is fast, secure, and innovative.

And VCode has just the right talent to offer the necessary 3D structuring and web design solutions to elevate your website’s user experience. We make your digital platform more appealing, compelling, and interactive.

Wrap Up In A Nutshell!

So, one thing is certain, more brands and businesses will enter the game-changing innovation of NFTs and Metaverse. This allows them to provide great utility to their users while building a strong community.

The time isn’t far away when more brands will transit to Metaverse and NFTs to create and operate in their very own virtual worlds. However, entering the Metaverse without having a design strategy would be a drowning factor. And if you pick the best branding agency in Dubai for a design that generates traffic and sales, success is sure to happen.