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Why Is Real Estate Mobile App Design & Development Essential? – Everything To Know In 2022

The surging use of mobile apps is not a new phenomenon to anyone. The increasing manufacturing and buying process of smartphones clearly validates the increase in demand and usage. According to Statista, the number of smartphone subscriptions all over the world has surpassed the six billion benchmark. And according to the forecast, in the next few months, several more hundred million will grow to stupendous figures.

And when every business is taking a digital stream and developing mobile applications for them. The designing and development of mobile applications for real estate businesses have also been in the prime focus. And because of this, the development of real estate apps has become a profitable investment for industries. Sellers and purchases of homes all over the world are increasingly relying on real estate mobile app development. In recent years, the real estate and mobile property apps have gone to millions of installations and downloads. Every other country is eyeing real estate mobile app development. And therefore, it has become significant for real estate companies in Dubai to take their traditional means of business to complete digital enablement.

Moreover, a study in 2018 conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) said that 73% of homebuyers use digital tools like a website or a mobile platform to conduct their digital search. With this all being stated, it becomes succinctly clear that having a mobile application for your Dubai real estate business will help you with exceptional features and more potential customers.

Having said that, here are the reasons why a digitally-enabled real estate business gives you the perfect track for flying your business.

5 Reasons Why Having A Mobile App Is The Next Big Thing For Your Real Estate Business

Here are the five reasons that demonstrate why you must get started with the design and development of your mobile app for real estate business in 2022.

1. Seamless Sales & Purchase Process

Real estate agents and purchasers can take the incredible leverage from digitally enabled solutions. The customized solutions offer a seamless process that adds offers more convenience to the user.

Earlier, when the purchaser books an appointment or wishes to visit a place, the agent and purchasing party have to spare enough time to visit the place and make tours. This event turned out to be more devastating when you invested time, and finally, the place doesn’t appeal to you physically.

These are some of the problems that are catered to with mobile app development. For both agents and buyers, an app gives a seamless process and saves a lot of time and hectic. Virtual tours can be done, e-documentation can be done, and more properties can be visited by just making some clicks on your smartphone. Moreover, it also helps sellers or realtors collect real-time analytics and data to filter better searches for their clients.

2. High-Quality & Uninterrupted Communication Channel

Purchasers are always stressed about their decisions. And seeing several houses tend to add more to the discontent. And this is where a mobile application can be of excellent benefit.

A real estate mobile application will allow you to have a 24/7 communication channel to communicate with your agent without having to worry about anything else. As a property buyer, one doesn’t need to wait for their messages or inquiries and can get immediate conversations for the best decision.

3. Tech-Driven Customer Experience

Who wouldn’t like to have a personalized experience? The one that exactly fits their requirements. Yes, you can provide this to the user by designing and developing a real estate mobile application. According to a research-based study, it was presented that mobile apps for real estate businesses tend to bring in twice as many customers than usual websites or traditional means of tours.

Having a smartphone platform for your real estate business will give your users the searches as per their intent, and desired to buy decisions will be made in an easy way. Moreover, all the access information regarding the neighborhood information, mortgage calculator, and property insights can easily be availed using the application. In addition, it gives your users the 3D tours by which they can make an immediate decision by just ticking their requirements virtually.

4. Automation In Decision-Making

Real estate agents can automate most of their usual tasks, from filtering the appointments to set up physical meetings, from processing documentation for the existing clients to generating more leads and property findings. Everything will be automated, offering more customer-centric solutions and result-oriented approaches.

The agents or realtors can implement chatbots on the mobile apps through which potential customers can easily fill in the required information, and the agent will then communicate to them based on the details and information. This provides incredible accessibility to the users as well as to the selling parties at the same time.

5. Amplify Marketing Strategies

In today’s tech-driven world, better marketing strategies are everything. They decide the game-changing elevation in your business flow by enabling you to create more customer-driven approaches. And when we talk of having a mobile application for your real estate Dubai business, nothing can serve the business better than having a mobile app. The accumulation of data and proper analytics can easily be done with digital smartphone platforms.

Thus, with this information, real estate agents can have the perfect demographic, behavioral data, and contextual information that helps them the best device and executes their marketing approaches for the best possible results. It helps them better target their centric audience to gain better visibility and generate more leads.

The Final Thoughts

In today’s competitive world, having an application can do your business. And not having a digital existence will break your business too.

For a real estate business that is massively turning out to be high-in-demand, a mobile application can be of great help. Not only do they offer numerous benefits to your organization, but they also help you bring more customized and user-centric solutions to outpace your competitors and gain rock-solid grounds. Thus, if you genuinely want to scale and grow your real estate business using digital platforms and become a part of transformation, VCode is your partner to success.